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New Networking Effectiveness Report!

Based on the results of our recent survey, this new report examines networking effectiveness and outlines 8 key skills which successful networkers demonstrate.
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Heather White & Smarter Networking are recognised
as the business networking experts.
Our services include:

Through our extensive networking experience we have identified a series of key networking skills and strategies. All of our work is focused on helping you, your employees or your members achieve their goals so we work closely with you to establish which networking skills and strategies need developing.
We have been sharing our networking expertise with people for over a decade. Our more recent clients include BT, Accenture, the Metropolitan Police Service, KPMG, ICAEW, the London Chamber of Commerce, Everywoman and Women in Technology. We work with most industries and sectors and with a wide range of people including CEO's, entrepreneurs, sales teams, scientists, graduates, public sector workers, business owners and women's groups.
Heather White, Networking Expert
Watch Heather in action and see how important networking skills are for us all.
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