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Heather White
Networking Expert
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Heather White & Smarter Networking are recognised
as the business networking experts.
Our services include:

Through our extensive networking experience we have identified a series of key networking skills and strategies. All of our work is focused on helping you, your employees or your members achieve their goals so we work closely with you to establish which networking skills and strategies need developing.
We have been sharing our networking expertise with people for over a decade. Our more recent clients include BT, Accenture, the Metropolitan Police Service, KPMG, ICAEW, the London Chamber of Commerce, Everywoman and Women in Technology. We work with most industries and sectors and with a wide range of people including CEO's, entrepreneurs, sales teams, scientists, graduates, public sector workers, business owners and women's groups.


Learn About Our 2 New Online Training Programmes!

After years of teaching in-house networking programmes Heather White has come up with a two fantastic new online training courses which are open to everyone. Her fans will be delighted that they can access her practical, down to earth networking training wherever and wherever they want.

1. Practical Personal Brand - brands that create opportunities

What is it you want right now? A new job, more business, more opportunities? Does it annoy you that people only seem to see you one way? You know you are capable of so much more but you are not getting the chance to show it? If this sounds familiar you need to take control of your Personal Brand. You need to help your contacts understand what you are good at and what you are looking for.

Click here to learn more about the new Practical Personal Brand course.

2. How To Find Business Networking Groups Anywhere in the UK

Do you spend time and money attending networking events but the people you really want to meet aren’t there? If so, you need find out where these people are meeting. This course will give you a step by step process for finding any network in the UK so you can meet the people that matter to you. It will also discuss how to behave at networking events and share the 3 things you must never do and 3 things you should always do to improve your chances of making those important new contacts.

Click here learn more about  How To Find Business Networking Groups Anywhere in the UK 
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